Study on Heavy Rain and Real Estate


The research project “Heavy rain as a social risk factor – an empirical analysis for the real estate market” is currently being carried out at the Department of Real Estate Finance under direction of Prof. Dr. Bertram Steininger. The project is supported by the RWTH Start – Up.

Apart from the big rivers, the risk perception regarding the dangers that floods pose is usually low among the real estate consumers. Torrents that are caused by heavy precipitation can suddenly appear almost anywhere. This study has the objective to make a quantitative contribution in order to fill in the gap that exists in this area concerning the effects of heavy precipitation on the real estate development. The goal is to make a significant contribution that would serve as an information provision to investors and real estate consumers, as well as to support precautionary measures within flood management with regard to building, risk and information from a real estate perspective and consequently to shape the market regarding the heavy rain in a way more transparent for all stakeholders.