Study for Evaluation of Energy Certificate


The research project “Evaluation of the Energy Performance Certificate – An empirical study on the perception of energy efficiency of residential properties from the consumers’ perspective” is currently being carried out at the Department of Real Estate Finance under direction of Prof. Dr. Bertram Steininger.

It should be evaluated within the project, whether the information contained in the certificate can still be found on the market a year after introducing the required showing of the certificate. The goal is to determine if, in spite of the legal binding of the Energy Performance Certificate, an information deficit still exists regarding the energy efficiency of residential properties.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research (MIWF) in North Rhine – Westphalia as a part of the “Center of Excellence in Consumer Research NRW” (KVF NRW). The KVF NRW is a cooperation project of the MIWF with the “Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.” and the Ministry of Climate and Environment Protection, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Evaluation of Energy Certificate