Research Interests

The real estate team of the RWTH Aachen University understands the research and the teaching in Real Estate Studies (Management, Finance and Economics) as an entity which derives its foundation, claim and content from theory as well as from empirics. Our research is mainly quantitative and focuses on following research topics: ...

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Evaluation of Energy Certificate

Change of price effect for energy certificates labels (May 2015)

Nach Einführung der verbindlichen Vorzeigepflicht des Energieausweises evaluiert diese Studie den Energieausweis anhand dreier Methoden: Experteninterviews, experimentell und empirisch

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Heavy Rain and Real Estate

downpour - Photones - CC BY-SA 3.0

Heavy rain as a social risk factor – an empirical analysis for the real estate market

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Book Chapter - Real Estate as an Asset Class

picture of book chapter "Real Estate as an Asset Class"

Book chapter of Prof. Dr. Bertram I. Steininger on „Real Estate as an Asset Class: Investment Form, Characteristics, and Sustainable Aspects“.

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EIBURS Project

Picture of a EIBURS Project

How should the European Union support the urban development?

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If you are looking for scientific talks and cooperation, please contact Prof. Dr. Bertram Steininger or our team staff.


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