Research Papers and Theses


The writing of your thesis is the crowning glory of your studies. In your thesis, you demonstrate the skills you acquired during the course of your studies. Consequently, it is important to work on a topic with a methodology which is not only consistent with your topic but also with your abilities and preferences.


You can work on the topics using methodologies:

  • descriptive-conceptual
  • theoretical-methodical
  • empirical

Thereby, it is not always possible to assign a topic to a specific method. The correct approach rather depends on the exact research question and your abilities and preferences and can also overlap.


In your request email, please make sure to include the following information:

  • course of study
  • preferred topic and method
  • short description of your research setup (abstract) from your point of view
  • first draft of the table of contents (only 1st level) with keywords and main literature on the topic

Hints and tips

Please always respond to my last email with the text history function, so that we immediately see what we have discussed before.

The following tips for academic writing (in German) can be found here.

Here you can download a possible template for Word.

Here you can download a possible template for LaTeX.


We offer following Thesis Topics in the research stream of Real Estate Studies (Management, Finance and Economics). You will find further information if you follow the respective links of Prof. Dr. Bertram Steininger and Dr. Claudia Nadler.

If you are interested in one of our topics please contact the responsible supervisor. Of course, you can always suggest your own topic. Please notice that your topic has to be in the research stream of our real estate team. Additionally, you can drive forward one of your previous theses (project, seminar or bachelor) in your bachelor or master thesis.

In principle, we support the knowledge transfer between RWTH Aachen University and the professional practice. Therefore, it is possible to write a thesis in cooperation with a company. In this case, the topic of the thesis and the qualification of the graduate must fulfill specific conditions that must be clarified in advance with Prof. Dr. Bertram Steininger. The Following topics in cooperation with PATRIZIA Immobilien AG and Mr. Dr. Marcelo Cajias are an example for this kind of knowledge transfer.

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