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Bertram Steininger

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Institute for Real Estate Finance


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Title Author(s)
Verwaltung von Immobilienvermögen
Contribution to a book (2016)
Steininger, Bertram I.
Regulation of Managers and Real Estate Investment Vehicles in Europe
Contribution to a book (2016)
Steininger, Bertram
Pommeranz, Carolin
The Financial Impact of Firm Withdrawals from State Sponsor of Terrorism Countries
Journal Article (2015)
Breuer, Wolfgang
Felde, Moritz-Alexander
Steininger, Bertram
Implications of Securitization
Book (2014)
Steininger, Bertram I.
The tradeoff between mutual fund and direct stock investments: a theoretical analysis involving different types of investors
Journal Article (2014)
Marekwica, Marcel
Steininger, Bertram I.
Wirtschaftsfaktor Immobilien 2013 : Gesamtwirtschaftliche Bedeutung der Immobilienwirtschaft
Preprint (2013)
Voigtländer, Michael
Biener, Sven
Braun, Nicole
Geiger, Peter
Haas, Heide
Henger, Ralph
Hesse, Markus
Jaroszek, Lena
Just, Tobias
Kröncke, Tim-Alexander
Schäfer, Philipp
Schier, Michael
Steininger, Bertram I.
Implications of securitization
Book (2012)
Steininger, Bertram I.
Vor- und Nachteile von direkten und indirekten Immobilienanlagen
Preprint (2012)
Sebastian, Steffen P.
Steininger, Bertram I.
Wagner-Hauber, Melanie
Welche Auswirkungen hat Basel III auf die Immobilienfinanzierung in Europa?
Journal Article (2012)
Schindler, Felix
Steininger, Bertram I.
An Empirical Evaluation of Normative Commercial Real Estate Swap Pricing
Journal Article (2011)
Rehring, Christian
Steininger, Bertram I.